OBJECTIVE - Create a multi channel campaign that introduces the '47 SOLO to the market, clearly identifying the unique qualities of this new headwear silhouette. The video and print collateral should quickly communicate the key features and spark excitement around one of the first new products designed for the Fan consumer in a number of years. 
SOLUTION - Look at the key features of the product and draw parallels between the characteristics of it's material, shape, design possibilities and objects found both in popular culture and nature. Utilize quick cuts and bold typography to tie these examples back to features of the hat and, most of all, have some fun while doing it. We partnered with our friends at VAGRANTS to bring the video to life.
For the set, we tapped Hugo Leick to create unique animations which bring the patterns and team colors to life. This set, which is simply comprised of a custom curved projection screen, can be setup quickly to capture new pictures or video footage when necessary.
We were also able to identify an opportunity to make this campaign scaleable - By shooting 3 colors of the '47 SOLO devoid of graphics or team logos, we successfully built a video library of stock footage of the silhouette. Moving forward, as new opportunities present themselves, we are able to simply shoot "hero" shots of new hats and edit them together with their respective blank headwear footage to make unique videos for teams, leagues, and collaborations. 

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