Rectify Barbershop & Beauty Alcove is a one of a kind destination where clients are offered a number of services including bespoke haircuts and cosmetic tattooing. 
My strategy was to highlight the experience the owners described in questionnaires and interviews - clients come to Rectify to feel new again, to be cleansed of their old look, and breathe new life into themselves. When they walk out that door, they are rectified. This was the catalyst for the phrase "Elevate Your Spirit, Purify Your Style" which became the starting point for the whole identity, the ethos of the brand, and the mission of the Rectify crew.
I believed this idea had subtle religious parallels I wanted to explore visually. By taking loose cues from religious iconography and remixing them with the punk-rock style of the owners and their clientele, a unique concept for the visual identity emerged. 
The hope is that the logo and suite of sub-icons reflect the spirit of this brand immediately. 




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Rectify BarberShop & Beauty Alcove
90 Copeland Drive Mansfield, MA 02048

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