Who I Am:
I'm a multi-disciplinary designer, drummer, and mediocre skateboarder from Boston. With 17 years of industry experience, I've led the creative process across various fields such as marketing, graphic design, video production, and experiential design. My passion lies in the gratifying challenge of conveying brand strategy through imaginative and captivating solutions, ultimately forging deep emotional bonds between brands and their audiences.
A Little History:
After completing my BFA in Graphic Design with a minor in Photography from UMASS in 2006, I entered the User Experience Design world during the rise of the iPhone. Curiosity drove me to explore how this revolutionary device shaped our lives and the role of design within our daily routines. I focused on designing user interfaces that fulfilled the promises of the iPhone while being intuitive and enjoyable.
Following the '08 recession, I engaged in freelance design work while pursuing my passion for music. During that time, I designed album artwork, flyers, and posters for bands in Boston and LA. In 2012, while on tour, I received an offer to work for a commercial interior design firm, opening my eyes to the transformative power of physical spaces and experiences. I developed a deep appreciation for spaces that become meaningful parts of people's lives, such as celebratory restaurants, calming retreats, or simple shops offering life-enhancing products.
In 2015, I transitioned to the fashion industry, starting as a marketing designer for '47, a Boston-based headwear and apparel company. It was at '47 where my previous skills and experiences converged. Over my four-year tenure, I built an internal agency that merged graphic design, interior design, and storytelling into our offerings. Regardless of the industry, my goal has always been to convey the narrative of a brand, product, or place. I believe in understanding people through research and curiosity, allowing insights to guide design solutions.
My trajectory as a creative professional has been characterized by a willingness to embrace change. In 2019, I ventured into the start-up space, joining Gradifi—a company focused on addressing the student debt crisis. However, change can come swiftly, and Gradifi was subsequently acquired by E*TRADE, which was then acquired by Morgan Stanley. Presently, I hold the role of Vice President of Creative Solutions within Morgan Stanley's leadership team at The Creative Studio. Together with a talented team, we develop creative solutions for complex business problems in the global finance world.
The Nutshell:
I'm an end-to-end creative skilled in developing creative strategies and bringing them to life, either independently or as part of a team. Whether it's designing a concert series at SXSW involving stage design, artist management, and run of show, or crafting a comprehensive seasonal campaign encompassing video, digital, and print deliverables while collaborating with agency partners, I'm always equipped with ideas, a helping hand, and a focus on clear brand messaging. Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of overseeing the work of exceptionally talented design teams who have contributed to some of the projects showcased here.
If you’d like to discuss working together I encourage you to connect through my contact page, or simply email me at 
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