In the winter of 2022, singer-songwriter Troy Ramey embarked on crafting his debut full-length album in an Allston, Massachusetts studio. With a decade of captivating music and notable achievements like reaching the top 10 singers on Gwen Stefani's team on NBC's The Voice, Troy's journey had been rich. Amidst this, he transformed his experiences into an 11-track rock n’ roll masterpiece, partnering with renowned musicians and producer Pat Hanlin from Revivalhouse Records, delving into his life as a musician and the relentless pursuit of a dream.

The album's core centered on emotions linked to creating and sharing music, encompassing highs, lows, and the vulnerability of artistic exposure. Collaborating with photographer Austin Huck, we visually captured Troy's forward journey facing a horizon of hope, using LEDs to evoke warmth against a receding cold blue past. Troy's creative process came alive in photographs, curated into a set of 12 images as the foundation for the album artwork and digital single covers.

Building on this, I designed a series of icons reflecting the songs' essence and incorporated them into the vinyl record's sleeve and CD case interior, enhancing the music's narrative. The visual identity embraced an eclectic Americana feel through vintage fonts and customized characters, bolstered by a comprehensive merchandise collection inspired by road signage and Americana imagery, complete with song lyrics for deeper engagement.

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